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Travel writer Lisa Gerard-Sharp joins us at The France Show

Posted on 4 October 2018Travel & Tourism

Lisa Gerard-Sharp is an award-winning travel-writer and France specialist based in the South of France, where wild boar are more common than celebrity bores… With a background in lecturing, languages, training and television, Lisa contributes to a wide range of national newspapers and magazines.

Lisa will be recounting her tales of a travel writer – some of the best stories stay behind the scenes because they’re too bizarre or unbelievable – or simply belong to a bigger narrative on France. These are illuminating, inspirational and amusing tales from an insider’s France. Meet parfumiers and patrons of art, wine-makers and wafting monks, hoteliers and hunters, countesses and celebrity chefs, beekeepers and builders, barge captains and billionaires. En route, expect intriguing encounters with French passions, from food and wine to art, culture, seduction, intellectualism and regionalism. On these travels, every adventure is a revelation. Not for nothing is France the world’s most visited country.

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