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Q&A: Ian Moore on running a chambres d’hôtes

Posted on 11 December 2018Property

Back by popular demand, comedian and proud new chambres d’hôtes owner Ian Moore returns to the Flavours of France Stage to deliver an unmissable take on the ins and outs of French life. Here he gives an insight into his latest adventure, opening a B&B in France.

You have just launched a new B&B business in France; how was the process?

Well, I’ll talk more about the process itself onstage, but suffice to say that the two sides of France were very much in evidence. The well-earned reputation for spirit-crushing administration on the one hand and the enthusiastic, endlessly helpful community spirit on the other.

What top tips do you have for those considering a similar venture?

One very important tip: don’t call it a B&B. In French it’s a chambres d’hôtes – which differs slightly to what we regard as a B&B. It’s a social thing for starters. The French love a bit of dining or, in this case, breakfast table conviviality and, if you pitch it right, the French will be your main clientele. I spoke with a vineyard owner in the Loire Valley who despaired at the amount of B&Bs that have been set up by the English, with English names, and no French on any of their marketing.

Are you looking forward to returning on the Flavours of France Stage at the show?

Absolutely I am. It’s not just the prospect of doing the shows but the ‘Flavours of France’ is exactly what it is. Backstage are all the kitchens and the wine-tasting paraphernalia. It’s gourmet heaven. Hardly conducive to a coherent stand-up comedy performance, but you have to take these opportunities while you can!

What do you think the Flavours of France Stage brings to The France Show?

The sheer range of what’s on offer on the Flavours of France stage this year means you could, if you wanted, spend all your time there. But the beauty of it is that you can dip in and out. Have a wander about the stalls, then return and spend 20 minutes being taught how to flambé your rognons, go for another wander and come back for another entertaining sit down.

In three words, tell us what guests can expect from your talks at The France Show 2019?

In three words?! Okay, like the process of starting the chambres d’hôtes itself there’ll be inspiration, exasperation and, hopefully, celebration.

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