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Anthony Peregrine will be joining the France Show

Posted on 13 September 2018Travel & Tourism

Anthony Peregrine – the only non-award-winning journalist presently working in national newspapers, essentially for the Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Times – will be joining the France Show 2019. He will be talking of the wonderfulness of France, of tourism, of French gastronomy and otherwise trying to drum up business for a nation which, in gratitude, might be persuaded to overlook certain errors on his tax return. He will not be mentioning andouillette or Brexit, toxic subjects, both of them.

Anthony Peregrine left Lancashire for Languedoc 30 years ago to get out of the rain. He has subsequently scratched a living as a travel writer about France for British national newspapers – and other publications too obscure to mention. Some still owe him money. He is enthusiastic about eating, drinking, watching rugby and recounting tales of kings and Cathars until listeners fall asleep. He is very unenthusiastic about snow and skiing.

Should you wish to hear about the Alps in winter, you really need to listen to someone else.

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