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The France Show Exhibitor Manual

Here you will find all elements of the Exhibitor Manual for The France Show 2019. This information has been generated to ensure smooth running during the event so please familiarise yourself with the documents in this section.

Olympia Traffic System – EVERY vehicle accessing the venue will need to book-in EVERY time they want to access the site (build-up, breakdown and any other repeat visits). This does not apply to couriers. To book your vehicle in, go to: Further details can be found within the manual.

On Thursday 24th January the venue will be very busy from late afternoon due to other shows breaking down.  We recommend arriving earlier in the day if possible.

Within this section are essential forms that we require from you before Friday 7th December.

Lifestyle and Property Exhibitors

Forms to fill in and return:

Health & Safety Form – Shell Scheme Exhibitors


Space Only Exhibitors


Market Exhibitors

Forms to fill in and return:

Health and Safety Form – Market Exhibitors

All Exhibitors: Information Documents

Lifestyle Stand Information

Property Stand Information

Exhibition Timetable

A-Z Information

Marketing and PR Information

Venue Contacts for Exhibitors

Olympia Traffic Procedure for Exhibitors, Contractors and Suppliers

Olympia London Local Area Parking Map

Exhibitors Contractors Emergency Procedures

Olympia London Site Safety Rules

Optional Extras

Forms you may wish to fill in and return:

The France Show 2019 GES Electrical Order Form

The France Show 2019 GES Carpet Furniture Order Form

The France Show 2019 GES Shell Scheme Extras Order Form

Property Stand Extras

The France Show 2019 GES CC Payment Authorisation Form

Audio Visual Order Form

Internet Order Form

Alcohol Sampling Form

Food Sampling Form

Freight forwarding Order form 2019

Supporters of the France Show